Due Diligence

Baker Tilly Baltics provides due diligence of companies prior to an acquisition

Subject to the target company and agreement with the client, Baker Tilly Baltics may deliver the following services:

  • Due diligence, which includes an examination of financial, tax and legal aspects of the Target company
  • Valuation of Company
  • Transaction advice, including advice on the structuring of acquisition and financing
  • Consulting investors on acquisition and take-over
  • Drafting of supporting documents related to the acquisition
  • Collecting information on companies in Latvia and overseas
  • Collecting information on various businesses or target companies.

Baker Tilly Baltics has solid experience in acquisitions and delivery of the due diligence projects, including the acquisition of controlling / majority stock in banks, reallocation of assets in holding companies or other units. We do run around ten diligence projects each year and has experience across further industries: manufacturing, FMCG, services, construction, real estate and financial sector.

Baker Tilly Baltics has experience in conducting due diligence for the group of companies with overseas affiliates and subsidiaries; such due diligences are performed in cooperation with Baker Tilly overseas offices. We also have experience in the delivery of joint due diligence projects carried out in cooperation with the leading law offices in Latvia.

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