Our key experts

Ēriks Bahirs

Managing Audit Partner / Certified Auditor

Eriks is the audit partner and a managing partner of Baker Tilly Baltics. He acquired his license as a certified auditor in 2001. Earlier worked as a chief accountant and financial advisor for a bank and brokerage company. Since 1998, Erik’s primary activity has been the provision of audit services.

Eriks has a Latvian University Master’s degree in Economics, supplemented by participation at multiple professional training programs.

E: eriks@bakertilly.lv


Anna Vilka

Tax and Accounting Compliance services

Anna is in charge of Baker Tilly Baltics tax advisory services. Anna is a certified tax consultant with more than 12 years of work experience in tax area. Her daily work includes consulting of clients about domestic and cross-border transactions, their structuring and effective monitoring of company's daily taxes (such as Corporate Income, VAT and other taxes). Given her qualities and knowledge, Anna also conducts quality control over tax compliance issues for Baker Tilly Baltics accounting clients.

Anna has a Master’s degree in Economics as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Social Sciences. 

E: anna@bakertilly.lv


Raitis Beļickis-Raufiņš

Senior auditor

Raitis has more than 15 years of experience in auditing companies and leading audit-related projects. The main directions of his audit projects are logistics, production, agriculture and financial sectors. In addition, Raitis has been involved in a number of due diligence projects and assisted in acquisitions of target companies’ on behalf of the foreign investors.

Raitis has a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration obtained at the International University Concordia Audentes.

E: raitis@bakertilly.lv 


Ilona Rotberga

Chief accountant

Ilona is a certified accountant with more than 20 years of experience in accounting profession. She has experience in the provision of accounting services starting from wholesale to retail, manufacturers and service providers including IT, transport & logistics, waste management, as well as production of electricity. Among her clients are multinational companies and overseas affiliates of foreign companies in Latvia.

Ilona has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a certificate from the Latvian Certified Accountants association.

E: ilona@bakertilly.lv

Jekaterina Dzikeviča

Audit partner / Sworn auditor / FCCA

Jekaterina started her professional activities at Baker Tilly more than 15 years ago, and for the last 9 years, she acted as a certified auditor. Jekaterina leads and participates in audits and other assurance engagement projects carried out for a wide range of clients, including construction, production, consumption and other industries.

Jekaterina has a masters degree in economics obtained at the Riga Technical University. In addition, she holds the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and FCCA (sworn certified accountant) obtained in 2012.

E: jekaterina@bakertilly.lv


Reinis Ceplis

Financial Advisory Services/ Transfer Pricing

Reinis provides corporate finance tax services – financial management, financial analysis, M&A transaction support including delivery of due diligence projects, raising of capital and structuring of investments. Another important focus is transfer pricing, where he assists the client with preparation of transfer pricing policy documents.

Reinis has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Latvian University, an MBA degree from EHSAL Management School in Brussels and a CFA degree in Investment Analysis and Management issued by CFA Institute. Previous experience includes work in the financial sector, the stock exchange, investment banking, as well as management of the large scale companies.

E: reinis@bakertilly.lv


Signe Zīgela

Personal Taxation and Payroll / Certified Tax Consultant

Signe is a certified tax consultant and specializes in personal taxation and capital gains taxes for individuals – both tax residents and expatriates of Latvia.

Professional experience was gained working with expatriates at PricewaterhouseCoopers for over 10 years, and later on leading the payroll division of Baker Tilly Baltics. Her daily work includes tax advisory for private individuals and payroll services for companies, affiliates or representative offices. Signe assists individuals (self-employed persons, government officials and other categories of taxpayers) to prepare their annual tax returns or high wealth individuals in preparing capital gains taxation forms. Signe has vast experience in international projects relating to mobility, stock options and shares for company employees, tax residence certificates, and application of other tax tools. Signe has a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration.

E: signe@bakertilly.lv


Olga Rumova

Chief Accountant

Olga is outsourcing accountant with more than 17 years of experience. She has worked and is well-versed in various business sectors such as construction, real estate development, IT, the financial sector, and other industries. Olga’s main responsibility is outsourcing full-cycle
accounting to companies from payroll calculations to annual reports and managing company accounts.

Olga has a Master’s degree in Finance as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business management.

E: olga@bakertilly.lv

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