Baker Tilly Baltics provides payroll services to foreign and local companies, which typically include:

  • Payroll calculations
  • Monthly tax (income and social insurance) calculations
  • Preparation of tax returns and submitting by EDS
  • Maintaining employee database
  • Calculating of statutory compensations due to sickness, vacations, business trips and others.
  • Advice on Employment law and labour agreements
  • Advice on payables to micro-enterprises and self-employed persons
  • Preparation of supporting documents.

The scope of services is determined in the agreement signed with the client. Upon the client’s request, Baker Tilly Baltics executes the payment of salaries and payroll taxes via a bank account.

Price for payroll services is quoted per person and is affected by the scope of responsibilities, a number of employees outsourced for payroll services to Baker Tilly Baltics (more employees, lower price) as well as remuneration system available in your company – i.e. normal (fixed) or variable salary.

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