Laura Vaivode

VAT and Forensic expert
Tax and Legal
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Geopolitics, less sanctions and risks

Laura deals with VAT and cross-border transactions as well as non-residents VAT. In addition, Laura conducts trainings and formulates internal policies on sanctions compliance and anti-money laundering protocols, occasionally being involved in forensic audits. Additional specializations includes assessment of companies' debt/equity ratios and capitalization of corporate debts enabling companies to avoid negative tax consequences or insolvency risks.

Laura holds a bachelor's degree in finance and is qualified as a financial analyst.

In the field of VAT, the taxpayer's legal capacity is not always balanced. As for money matters, the status of business partners, to a greater or lesser extent, always had to be evaluated. The most important question is about long-term strategy and desire of companies to optimize its AML protocols, entitling to concentrate of the main business.

Laura Vaivode
VAT and forensic expert
Baker Tilly Baltics AS

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