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We provide support to companies in various life cycles and situations when their own resources are limited or inefficient to implement on projects unrelated to their core business. Our Transaction services represent:

  • M&A, buying, selling or merging companies, raising capital, company' evaluation, carrying out DDU (due diligence) on behalf of investors before a company's acquisition. We also carry out various restructuring projects, reorganizations, liquidation of entities and disposal of assets, capitalizing debts, advising on investments in real estate or securities. On request, we may provide Forensic audits, incl. “Sanctions” and “AML procedures” sections, as well as provide services of a financial or tax expert in courts or arbitrations.

Every asset's got value, even if you don't see it straight away. We're here to help you uncover and make the most of that value! Let's work together to bring out the best and make you happy.

Reinis Ceplis
Partneris / Finanšu konsultācijas un Transferta cenas
Baker Tilly Baltics AS
Key contacts
Photo of Reinis Ceplis
Reinis Ceplis
Partner / Financial Advisory Transfer pricing
Photo of Raitis Beļickis-Raufiņš
Raitis Beļickis-Raufiņš
Audit partner / Certified auditor
Photo of Anna Vilka
Anna Vilka
Partner / Tax services
Photo of Ivo Rudzītis
Ivo Rudzītis
Corporate lawyer
Photo of Ēriks Bahirs
Ēriks Bahirs
Managing partner / Certified auditor
Photo of Laura Vaivode
Laura Vaivode
VAT and Forensic expert
Photo of Toms Zirdziņš
Toms Zirdziņš
Partner / Accounting outsourcing
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